Sport and leisure activities

BADMINTON: jeudi soir 20h - 22 h

Melrand Sports Hall Rue de St Rivalain

Annual subscription : 15.50 €

Keep fit : Tuesday 9h45 - 10h45

Led by Irek Becker

Melrand Salle Polyvalente, Rue de St Rivalain

Annual subscription 62.50 €

Rambles on foot: Third Wednesday of the month

Monthly from September to June

Led by Josiane and Jean André, Pierre Loric

Meet promptly in front of the Salle Polyvalente, Rue de St Rivalain. Depart promptly at 13h30

Annual subscription : 11.50 €

Yoga : Tuesday 17h30 - 18h45

Bugalé Hall, Rue Guy Kervinio

Led by Françoise Le Coz

Annual subscription 11.50 € (M.L.C) +  60 € each term

Cultural and leisure activities

Breton Dancing

Advanced level : Tuesday 20h - 22h

Led by Marie-Françoise Rault

Salle Polyvalente, Melrand

Rue de St Rivalain

Beginners : Friday 14h30 - 16h30 

Led by Marie Christine, Jocelyne et Patricia.

Annual subscription : 25.50 € 

French course for English speakers

"beginners and intermediate"

Thursday 2.15h - 3.45h

Led by Laurence, Jane and Ken

First floor, Salle Polyvalente, Melrand

Annual subscription : 11.50 €.

Atelier de Généalogie

Premier lundi du mois de 14 h à 16h30 (voir agenda) 

Premier étage de la salle polyvalente
Rue de St Rivalain (entrée près de la médiathèque)

Voir le calendrier des permanences
Cotisation annuelle : 38 € (accueil toute l'année)

English Conversation

                                      This is not an English course: it is for people who already speak the language and who wish to have the opportunity to practice.

Wednesday 15h30 - 16h30 Annual subscription 11.50 €

Led by Susan Elledge, Cosquer Fannic, Melrand

Exchange of skills and knowledge

Would you like to discover or share skills and knowledge? Contact us

Cooking with Max

Once a month. Contact MLC for details.

Annual subscription 11.50 €

Initiation à l'informatique

mardi de 11 h à 12 h premier étage de la salle polyvalente

Mise en place en cours d'année

 Inscription dès maintenant : nous consulter

cotisation annuelle : 11.50 €